Ever since the economic recession, IT managers are extremely cautious about their budgets. They are constantly on the lookout for greater efficiencies. It has been observed that the brilliant and the highly compensated internal DBAs are the most affected by the economic scenario and they are facing the brunt of the current situation. Many companies are realizing the importance of hiring remote DBA services. They firmly believe that remote DBA services would be providing more effective DBA management at a definitely better price as compared to employing the services of internal DBAs.

The DBA services are needed by clients across the globe obviously, over diverse time zones. Therefore, DBAs require a high degree of adaptability and they need to promptly respond to the demands of their dynamic environments. Remote database administration requires a tremendous amount of alertness and competence thanks to the unpredictable nature of their service. Today several organizations are getting rid of full-time internal DBA experts and wisely opting for remote DBA Oracle support. This way these companies are able to save thousands of dollars every year.

Oracle DBA Reality

Today it is really difficult to find top database administrators. Many reasons have contributed to the current Oracle DBA crisis. DBA experts need to possess excellent communication skills both written and oral. They also need to have a sound technical know-how. DBAs are responsible for the design, as well as, the implementation of applications. Hence, they must possess strong knowledge and a sound understanding of all aspects of business administration. They need to converse fluently and effectively with manufacturing managers, accountants, and all other business professionals.

DBA experts have an impressive skill-set. They are often highly qualified and possess Master’s Degree or MBA from renowned institutes. Most of them have earned Masters in Computer Engineering. Oracle is undoubtedly a very complicated database management system and it necessitates years of dedicated training and learning for mastering the complexities of the database and for achieving technical excellence. Thanks to this complexity today, Oracle DBAs are segmenting themselves gradually into specialty sectors that target Oracle database administration niche markets like database warehousing, Oracle applications support and performance tuning. Today, it is really challenging to identify a general practitioner in Oracle DBA who has the required experience and excellence.

Top Reasons for Using Oracle Remote DBA Services

Get Efficient Services at Low Cost

When you use the services of remote DBA experts, you have the option of buying only certain specific DBA services that are required by you and that too, at the levels required by you. Full-time in-house DBAs are pretty expensive and definitely a far more expensive proposition than remote DBAs. Organizations end up spending a lot on their training also so that they could stay relevant and updated with the latest technology.

Avail Expert Oracle Support

It has been suggested that over 75% of the total Oracle DBA outages could be attributed to lack of expertise and human error. Junior DBAs are surely not the favorites of the corporate world in the USA. Remote Oracle DBAs are hired by organizations to rule out potential downtime caused by human error.

Easy & Constant Access to Oracle Support

IT managers today are able to relax and rely on the expertise of the remote DBA experts because they are easily able to access the remote database administration support 24×7. They are happy as their database is under constant vigilance by the remote DBAs who are known for their competency and their sound knowledge of Oracle database. There is a really high attrition rate associated with the in-house DBA professionals. Thanks to remote DBA assistance today, IT managers are happy with the fact that a fully-qualified DBA professional is constantly monitoring their databases.


There is no fear of losing institutional knowledge. Remote DBA services make it possible to maintain the confidentiality of technology. They provide the ultimate peace of mind to the IT managers that their databases are in the best hands in the industry and getting constant attention and best care possible. We have discussed some of the most compelling reasons for using the services of professional remote Oracle DBA support.