If you are interested in a job that is known to combine your passion for IT & advanced technology with your communication and problem-solving skills, then a database administration consultant is the right job profile for you. A DBA expert is chiefly responsible for ensuring the security, integrity, and performance of a database. He would be very involved in the entire process entailing planning, as well as, database development. He would further be responsible for troubleshooting the problems on behalf of the database users.

DBA roles would be varying according to the kind of database, the capacities & abilities of the DBMS that is actually, being used. You could be taking care of pure maintenance jobs while some other job profiles would be involving specialization in database developments. As there has been an increase in the hacking levels, today disaster recovery is quite an important job in itself.

Role of DBAs in Future

You must have seen the way DevOps and automation have impacted the world of DBA professionals. This could pose a threat to the commodity DBAs. These professionals take care of some pre-defined activities and tasks such as database software installation, routine backups, password management, configuration and deleting spaces. For this category of DBAs, there could be a lack of fulfilling jobs in the years to come. However, the real future of database administration actually belongs to a specialized group of individuals.

Welcoming the Era of DBA Consultants

Is there a massive difference between a DBA consultant and the quintessential database administrator? Yes of course. Previously, DBAs simply had to learn a number of software installations and also, some configuration packages. DBA consultancy is a much challenging and demanding field of activity. These specialized professionals are equipped to provide services which are directed towards fast business development. Unlike the commodity DBAs, there is no scope for automating the services and responsibilities of a database administration consultant. For example, there is no scope for automating performance optimization of the database. You simply cannot automate SQL’s writing or even manage effectively wait events via automation. The fascinating fact is that such services seem to be crucial to the functioning of modern day organizations. Therefore, most businesses should think of availing the services of database administration consultants.

Happier Days Ahead

For DBA specialists, there is a lot in store for them in the days to come. Their future seems to be glamorous and promising beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. Already the job profile and role of the database administration consultants have gone much beyond operational functions. In the years to come, you would be witnessing that these specialists would be edging much closer to ultra-sensitive dockets such as strategic decision making. The database administration consultants are having flawless capabilities of developing Optima SQL, as well as, efficient and competent indexing and concurrency so they are bound to progress in their profession. There would be much better professional days ahead.


Today nobody could undermine the critical role of DBAs in the effective prevention of cyber-attacks. DBA specialists are expected to use specialized techniques and software for preventing hackers from actually accessing the database. DBAs are specialists in database designing, capacity planning, configuration, migration, installation, and even troubleshooting along with several other tasks that are essential in the industry. Specialization is surely the key. Remember it pays to sharpen all your decision-oriented skills. Stay productive and remain relevant to ensure a promising career in DBA consultancy.