Oracle is basically an object-relational database management system and is considered to be the most elaborate database solutions in the world. Because of this nature, Oracle database solutions are often considered to be the most complicated of all. To handle it, you need to go through the extensive training program to master every intricate detail. Unless you have years of experience in handling this specific database management system, it becomes extremely difficult and complicated to manage it. A career in Oracle DBA can be a lucrative proposition. However, you need years of training and a strong knowledge in handling databases. There are special courses conducted by Oracle. You need to enroll in those to become Oracle DBA certified. This must be followed by a real-time exposure to gain more experience. Remember, DBA professionals require an extreme level of dedication and a 24 x 7 commitment. The salary package may be lucrative, but the job responsibilities may lead to a highly stressful and thankless environment.

Primary role of a database administrator

Every business, big or small, deals with data storage. As a result, the demand for professionals who can handle this part is always on the rise. Database administrators and consulting experts are always in higher demand in different sectors to administer database related problems and tasks. Preserving information, maintaining information security and privacy, and updating information while ensuring proper access to specific members are the major, and the primary roles for Oracle DBA consulting experts.

Handling the database

As an Oracle-certified DBA consulting expert, you will be responsible for every single function that is involved in the development and the maintenance of database, data retrieval and storage. You will be the one to handle database management systems software tools to determine different ways to store and organize data while ensuring data security in the best possible way. Additionally, you will be responsible for creating, installing, examining, troubleshooting and protecting the data systems that are responsible for storing data inside the corporate organization. On the other hand, you need to work with the Data Communication Analysts, as well as, the Network Systems Expert to ensure perfect and uninterrupted functioning of WAN, LAN, Corporate Intranet and Internet.

High level of communication skills 

The demand for Oracle DBA jobs has increased by 30%. In order to have a successful career in Remote DBA Oracle consulting, you must be able to communicate properly. In short, you must possess excellent and fluent communication skills. Communicating with the end-user community is the most important part of any DBA job. Unless you have outstanding communication skills, it may become really difficult to put across the messages in a clear manner.

If you want to serve as an Oracle certified database consulting expert, acquire strong knowledge and skills in database handling and maintenance.  You need to have knowledge in all the related technologies like J2EE, Apache, and J-Developer. This can help you in having an edge over the others.